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New Zealand
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Skydive Kaikoura: Tandem Skydive

Skydive Kaikoura: Tandem Skydive

Experience the extreme thrill of tandem skydiving in New Zealand by doing a skydive over Kaikoura’s breathtaking coastal and alpine scenery. We can't promise you will spot any whales or dolphins from the air (Although some customers have) but we can guarantee an adventure you will never forget!

Powered only by gravity you will freefall at 200kph and be simply jumping for joy from the whole experience. We are not a “factory” type skydiving centre so can promise you an “adrenaline rush” without hurrying you through the process.

Tandem Skydiving

A tandem parachute jump is the ideal way to experience skydiving without having to commit hours of your time to completing a course. The training required is minimal and one of our professional, experienced instructors will walk you through the whole process.

Once arriving at the dropzone you will receive basic skydiving and parachute instruction before being given a jumpsuit, protective headwear, goggles and gloves to wear. You will also be fitted with a harness.

You will then board the aircraft before enjoying a spectacular flight to altitude.

It will then be time to freefall to approximately 5000ft and reach a speed of 200kph or more before the parachute is opened and you enjoy a relaxed parachute ride back to your spectators on the ground.

Jumping for joy afterwards is not compulsory but is quite normal.