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Starting From $99.00

Skydive Ramblers Sunshine Coast: Handy Cam DVD

A mini movie masterpiece of your Skydive. Recorded with a high definition camera this is a personalised souvenir that you would play for your friends and family for the years to come.

It includes footage:

  • from the ground
  • the climb to altitude with the amazing views of the Sunshine Coast
  • exit from the aircraft
  • of course your freefall when you are having the time of your life
  • the flight with the parachute (while you say hi to friends and family and you are wordless in how to describe what you have just experienced)
  • your landing on beautiful Coolum Beach.

Burned onto a DVD and given to you about 15 minutes after your landing.

Open 7 days a week, allday everyday weather permitting!